RV Rentals in Utah

Utah offers a variety of beautiful, scenic destinations to explore with off road vehicles. Owning an ATV, RV, watercraft or snowmobile is not an option for everyone, renting an outdoor toy through Outside Rentals is a cost effective way to experience the great outdoors without the commitment and investment that goes into purchasing a recreational vehicle.

Outside Rentals saw a way for both ATV owners to earn extra money on their investments while allowing those who couldn’t afford to purchase their own to enjoy and explore Utah’s breathtaking landscapes. We offer a simple and cost effective alternative to the long term commitment and investment that comes with purchasing an RV, ATV, or other outdoor recreation vehicle while still being able to experience the benefits of enjoying them. Just select the dates for your next outdoor adventure and check out what Outside Rentals has available to rent! You can hit the open road in an RV, take your next outdoor adventure to the next level with an ATV or enjoy the lake with a boat or jet ski. Rent one or all of these through Outside Rentals, we provide the toys, all you have to do is schedule the fun

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Fun Outside ATV and RV Rentals You Can Trust

At Outside Rentals, you never have to worry about renting faulty equipment, or other shady dealings. We fully vet our consignment clients to make sure that every rental we broker is safe and secure. You don’t want to worry about mechanical problems or suspect business dealings when you’re gearing up for an awesome outdoor adventure.

Forget the days of scouring the classifieds and hoping the person you contact can be trusted. With Outside Rentals, you’re not trusting your fun and financial information to random strangers. Instead, you can rest easy, knowing that you’re dealing with a reputable company that has your best interests in mind. In addition to ensuring honest dealings from our consignment clients, Outside Rentals also makes sure that:

  • Every transaction is professional
  • All outside toys are up-to-date on service and in excellent working condition
  • All required insurance is in place to protect both you and the owner of your rental
  • Your financial information is protected and secure
  • You understand all operational and safety information required to make your Utah rental experience simple, safe, and—most of all—fun!

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All you have to do to make your dream outdoor experience a reality, is contact Outside Rentals. We will work with you to secure the right toy for your needs, arrange pickup and drop-off, provide training and safety information, and even throw in travel tips and sightseeing info to help you have the outdoor adventure of a lifetime. Stop wishing you could get out in an RV, snowmobile, boat, ATV, or other outside toy—and make it happen. Contact Outside Rentals today and take the first step toward creating an unforgettable outdoor experience!


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