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Put your investment to work! We will help you make money with your outside toy when you’re not using it by renting it out for you. We take care of all of the insurance, maintenance, and client interaction for you! Simply pick the dates you want to rent your outside toy and we will cut you a check! You get paid even if we can’t rent out your unit!

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If you’re not comfortable renting your outside toy, that’s okay too! We will store it for you at your secured facility. We have simple, straight forward pricing with various options for you to choose from. We will make sure your outside toy is safe until you’re ready to use it!

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When you’re ready to go on vacation, you don’t want to have a list of chores to do before you can get outside. When you store your outside toy with Outside Rentals, we make sure everything is ready to go for you when you’re ready to have fun. In the same way the beds are made at a luxury resort prior to you arrival, we ensure that your outside toy is ready and geared up for you when you’re ready to use it!

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